CPIMobi Review

CPIMobi is a practical network for app vendors, which lets them control their funds and mobile advertisement campaigns. The platform permits to manage financial extension over your promotional crusades based on CPI. It enables you bringing your application to top positions and makes the whole world see it. It is a reputable ASO company guiding your product from the very beginning to high retention level.

Affiliate Network Details:

Company Name: CPIMobi

Country: USA

Minimum Payment: $50

Comission Type: CPA, CPL

Payment Frequency: NET15, NET30

Payment Method: credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers

Website – https://cpimobi.com


Main Benefits:

  • Controlling your income and expenses and volumes extension
  • It takes just a minute to start the advertisement campaign
  • Prompt marketing results providing you benefits immediately
  • Real-time dashboard analytics
  • Only real users
  • Self-service platform (connecting your campaign with the publishers within short minutes)
  • Trusted publishers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Trusted publishers only
  • Advertising your app to thousands of active customers
  • Country targeted installs
  • Possibility to set a download limit per day
  • When choosing terminating your ad campaign all the remaining tokens are to be refunded to your account.
  • Possibility to track the installs via Google Analytics
  • No need to pay for the fraudulent installs (anomalous clicks, devices and install data are being identified)
  • Possibility to track your application performance by app analytics tool
  • 50 trial installs for free
  • Cheapest cost for only real installs
  • Fast and easy registration process


What is a boost campaign?

A boost campaign means higher amount of installs within the shortest period of time. Large number of users can see your application in various top rankings and can find it by different keywords. Thus, you attract more of targeted users and get higher profit.

Payment methods:

The network accepts any bank transfers and credit cards, but you can effect a payment via PayPal as well. The minimal amount for your order must be at least $50.

Minimal CR

The least conversion rate is 20%. When it is lower, the platform stops your ad campaign automatically.

CPImobi review

Customer support

In case you have any troubles, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact the site 24/7 professional customer support staff. It will help you as you have technical difficulties when integrating the ad campaign or when implementing any advertising option.


What does the Network do?

  • Promotes your software bringing it to the highest rankings at Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Attracts as many users as possible.
  • Provides clients with the best promotion solutions and marketing policies.
  • Uses latest innovations in mobile marketing and the best methods of digital promotion.
  • Delivers targeted audience to the client’s product and that way visitors turn into real users.
  • Increases the popularity and visibility of your application.
  • Implements successful cross-promoting methoda in order to render your product to the targeted customer.
  • Performs the total process of promotion and turns all of the clients’ expectations to the reality.


Android and iOS App Store Optimization

The network provides some efficient solutions including:

  • Constant keywords analysis
  • Description, titles, tags, icons, screenshots and keywords design for maximum traffic.
  • Makes the product being good-looking in order to be in great demand and attract attention of your targeted audience.


https://cpimobi.com  is a global ASO company guiding your product from the very beginning to high retention level, promoting your Android and IOS applications. The process of promotion is pretty easy and any customer is going to enjoy it. The main steps include:

–              Inserting app’s link

–              Choose the target audience

–              Choose the extent of your app installs

–              Buy mobile app installs and raise the app review


The network uses modern lead-up to your app promotion which gives you a warranty of large number of installs and rapid ranking growth. It is one of the most sophisticated services on the modern market and moreover, has one of the best costs per install ad network.

You are provided with your personal manager who makes your campaign to be as quick and efficient as possible.